The Next Generation of Interactive Controls for Dump Trucks

The APEX is APSCO’s new display and control system for dump trucks, featuring an intuitive interface with an enhanced user experience, offering over 20 safety features aimed at alerting operators and preventing some of the most common and disastrous mistakes made many times by inattentive and inexperienced drivers.

It had quickly drawn media attention from the likes of Power & Motion, Fleet Equipment Magazine, OEM Off-Highway and more.

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The APEX is one of APSCO’s newest products, marking the beginning of a forward-thinking, new era for the company, which was initially founded in 1964.

A fusion of technology and machinery, the APEX was created with safety in mind, helping avoid unnecessary risks such as bridge strikes, vehicle rollover, contact with power lines, equipment damage and costly mistakes by inexperienced drivers.

With labor shortages and fleet risk from the cost of a catastrophic accident, the APEX better prepares your equipment and arms your operators with critical safety measures, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Some of the many features include:

  • Convenient touch screen
  • Prevents operator from raising hoist while on unsafe ground
  • Warns operator when driving with bed raised
  • Helps protect equipment and other property from damage
  • Dual axis inclinometer for pitch & roll

APEX Press Coverage:

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