Hydraulic Components


Hydraulic Hose Reel System

Designed to make your job easier, the REELFLOW is designed to make bobtail drivers and mechanics’ jobs easier. The electric controls not only operate the product pump, but also the hydraulic hose reel. This can all be done via the handheld radio remote control. In addition to power in and out, the hydraulic controls allow the operator to free spool so they can manually adjust the hose. Plus, the REELFLOW eliminates the chain, so there is no need to worry about maintenance or failure of the chain or sprocket.

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First of all, a hydraulic hose reel system eliminates all the hassles of a traditional chain and sprocket. The safety that comes with a hydraulic hose reel. No longer will you have to worry about catching a glove or a hand in the sprocket. The hydraulic relief valve included in REELFLOW will quit pulling if something were to get stuck, where as an electric hose reel will continue to pull, potentially causing injury to the operator. This feature also guards the motor from over pressurization. Also, with a hydraulic hose reel, you can utilize the hydraulic system that controls your product pump.