OE Custom Consoles

Let APSCO work with you to develop a control console that meets your needs and application. We will work closely with you to design a console that will bring savings to your operation and value to your customers.
A minimum quantity is required for your order to request a unique valve assembly. Standard features include a stainless steel lid with laser etched custom verbiage and logo. Common features include AV-Series or VM-Series mounted air control valves, electric rocker switches, push-pull air control valves, warning lights/buzzers, and additional blank openings for optional electric rocker switches or air control valves.

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  • USB charging ports
  • Fuse panels
  • Various warning lights and buzzers options available
  • Backlit electric rocker switch options
  • Powder coated steel base with access panel.
  • Various rocker, button, and toggle switch options
  • Lift axle controls, regulators, and pressure gauges
  • Options to mount modular expansion consoles to satisfy future project requirements
  • Pre-plumbed air and electrical wiring harness