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Non-Repairable Diaphragm Accumulator

Diaphragm accumulators provide a great deal of energy in a small space. They have a high tolerance for contamination and are perfect for pulsation dampening, off road equipment and other small-flow applications.

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Accumulators, Inc. diaphragm accumulators are designed primarily for pulsation dampening and low-volume fluid storage. The flexible diaphragm provides excellent gas and fluid separation, while the lightweight shell makes diaphragm accumulators a great choice for mobile markets and other applications where weight is a concern. We offer two styles of diaphragm accumulators: factory-sealed or field-repairable. Both are offered with a variety of materials, options and accessories.

8980 (Accumulator 60 CI Weld Diaphragm)

  • UOM: EA
  • Brand: Accumulators Inc.
  • Material: Steel
  • Pressure: 3625 psi
  • Size: 30 cu. In.
  • Fluid Port: 3/4″-16 SAE
  • Bladder Material: Buna-Nitrile
  • Service: Painted
  • Model: Crimped
  • Returnable: No