Hydraulic Components

Thermaflow SS980

Hydraulic Reservoir, Filter and Cooling System

Excessive heat in your equipment’s hydraulic system reduces the efficiency of your system and the life of your hydraulic oil, resulting in lower power and higher operating costs. The SS980 space-efficient solution provides superior heat rejection, lowering the overall cost of ownership of your equipment.

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The THERMAFLOW 980 Series is a heavy duty, compact hydraulic cooling system. It is designed to mount behind the cab, keeping it away from road debris. This unit stores and filters the systems oil, eliminating the need for tanks holding large quantities of oil (weight). This compact system makes installation and operations easy and convenient.

High flow/high horsepower requirements demand a 980 Series hydraulic cooling system. The 980 Series is designed for the toughest and most demanding mobile hydraulic applications. This system is suitable for use in blower, vacuum pump, high-capacity feed trailers, cryogenics, specialty gases and compressed gases applications.