Hydraulic Components

F12 Parker Motor

Hydraulic Motor

F12 is a bent-axis, fixed displacement motor/pump. It can be used in numerous applications in both open and closed loop circuits.

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  • Max intermittent pressure up to 500 bar (7251 psi) and continuous operating pressure up to 450 bar (6526 psi)
  • The 7 or 9 piston design provides high start-up torque and smooth motor operation
  • ISO, Cartridge, SAW and SAE versions
  • The laminated piston ring offers important advantages such as unbeatable efficiency and thermal shock resistance
  • High allowable speeds and operating pressures means high output power
  • The unique piston locking, timing gear and bearing set-up as well as the limited number of parts add up to a very robust design with long service life and, above all, proven reliability.
  • The 40° angle between shaft and cylinder barrel allows for a very compact, lightweight motor/pump.
  • Small envelop size and a high power-to-weight ratio
  • The motor version has highly engineered valve plates for high speed and low noise
  • The pump version has highly engineered valve plates for increased self priming speed and low noise, available with left and right hand rotation.
  • Our unique timing gear design synchronizes shaft and cylinder barrel, making the F12 very tolerant to high ‘G’ forces and torsional vibrations.
  • Heavy duty roller bearings permit substantial external axial and radial shaft loads.