Thermaflow SS675 Cooler
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Hydraulic Reservoir, Filter and Cooling System
Flow Rate = up to 50 gpm
Reservoir Size = 6 gallons up to 12 gallons (optional)
Basic Dimensions = 35” Long x 12” Wide x 22” Tall
Weight (dry) = 100 lbs

Heat Rejection Rate = 16 Hp @ 50 gpm with 50°F Exitng Temperature Difference (ETD)
Fan motor = Hydraulic drive requires 2 gpm
Corrosion Resistant components with SS case
10 micron Filer Element
Adjustable Pressure Relief Valve 500-3000 psi @ 50 gpm or 1000-5000 psi @ 30 rpm
Oil Level Sight Glass

Suction Port = 2" NPT Male
High Pressure Port = JIC-16 Male
Return Port = JIC-16 Male
Drain Port = SAE-8
Legacy Thermaflow cooler information can be found here.

Excessive heat in your equipment’s hydraulic system reduces the efficiency of your system and the life of your hydraulic oil, resulting in lower power and higher operating costs. The SS675 space efficient solution provides superior heat rejection, lowering the overall cost of ownership of your equipment.
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