APV 20
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• Compacted graphite high strength iron alloy for shock load resistance and higher pressure needs

• Full flow relief valves and low open center pressure drop

• Parallel circuit design permits all spools to be operated independently or simultaneously with the lightest load receiving priority

• Precision machined spools are hard chrome plated for maximum life and corrosion resistance
• Stackable sectional design allows for customizing the assembly to your specific needs

• Work sections are 100% pre-assembled and pre-tested before shipping
providing flexibility for all your design needs

• Black phosphate finish for improved paint adhesion and reduction of surface rust
Directional Control Valve
Technical data
• Directly interchangeable with the popular V20 hydraulic valve product lines.

• Available in individual components or we can build you a custom engineered and tested valve assembly

Design Type: Sectional

Circuit: Parallel/Open Center

Material: Compacted Graphite cast iron, a High Strength Iron Alloy

Capacity: 25 GPM nominal / 30 GPM Maximum

Max. System Pressure: 3500 psi - using SAE porting

Relief Valves:
• Inlet Main Relief Valve – Screw adjustable with pressure ranges settings from 500-3500 psi

• Work Section Port Relief Valves – fixed pressure range settings from 500 – 2550 psi
Interchange Parker® / Gresen® Model V20
APSCO Part Number Component Gresen Product Code Gresen Part Number Product Codes Description
APV-20-LC-12 INLET 8398 20-LC-12 Inlet SAE-12 top and side ports without relief
APV-RP51A-3000 MAIN RELIEF RP51-A 8950005 RP51A-3000 Inlet relief 500-3500PSI Screw Adjustable Set @ 3000 psi
APV-20-K-NR MAIN RELIEF CK-6132 12797001 K-20-NR Relief Plug
APV-20-RC-12-E OUTLET 20-RC-12-E SAE 12 end outlet, 7770 housing
APV-20-RC-12-EM OUTLET 6770 20-RC-12-E-MY SAE 12 end outlet, Machined for end power beyond
APV-20-12-Y OUTLET K-6168 12748001 K-20-12-Y SAE 12 power beyond sleeve
APV-20-10-03 WORK SECTION 20-10-03 SA, CS, SR, SAE 10 ports, 3way / 3position
APV-20-10-04 WORK SECTION 20-10-04 DA, CS, SR, SAE 10 ports, 4way / 3position
APV-20-10-F4 WORK SECTION 20-10-F4 DA, MS, SR, SAE 10 ports, 4way / 3position
APV-20-10-F4-M WORK SECTION WS (V20) - DA, MS, SR, SAE-10, M (Metering Airshift)
APV-20-10-F4-NM WORK SECTION WS (V20) - DA, MS, SR, SAE-10, NM (Non-Metering Airshift)
APV-20-10-DF4 WORK SECTION 20-10-DF4 DA, MS, 3D, SAE 10 ports, 4way / 3 Position Detent
APV-20-CRA-1200 PORT RELIEF CRA-1200 PRV with AC, shim adjustable 500-1249PSI (factory set at1200PSI)
APV-20-CRA-1700 PORT RELIEF CRA-1700 PRV with AC, shim adjustable 1250 - 1749PSI (factory set at 1700PSI)
APV-20-CRA-1950 PORT RELIEF CRA-1950 PRV with AC, shim adjustable 1750-1999PSI (factory set at 1950PSI)
APV-20-CRA-2550 PORT RELIEF CRA-2550 PRV with AC, shim adjustable 2000-2599PSI (factory set at 2550 PSI)
APV-20-K-CP PORT RELIEF Load-check Assembly
APV-20-CRA-SK PORT RELIEF Port Relief Ship Kit
APV-20-VH-B HANDLE K-20-VH-B Verticle Handle (Black)
APV-20-HH-B HANDLE K-20-HH-B Horizontal Handle (Black)
APV-20-BOOT HANDLE Spool Boot Assembly
APV-20-SK-1 STUD KIT K-6104 12807001 K-20-1 Stud Kit 1 work section
APV-20-SK-2 STUD KIT K-6105 12808001 K-20-2 Stud Kit 2 work section
APV-20-SK-3 STUD KIT K-6106 12809001 K-20-3 Stud Kit 3 work section
APV-20-SK-4 STUD KIT K-6107 12810001 K-20-4 Stud Kit 4 work section
APV-20-SK-5 STUD KIT K-6108 12811001 K-20-5 Stud Kit 5 work section
APV-20-SK-6 STUD KIT K-6109 12812001 K-20-6 Stud Kit 6 work section
APV-20-SK-7 STUD KIT K-6110 12813001 K-20-7 Stud Kit 7 work section
APV-20-SK-8 STUD KIT K-6111 12814001 K-20-8 Stud Kit 8 work section
APV-20-K-D POSITIONER K-20-D 3-Position Detent Kit
APV-20-K-SR POSITIONER Spring Return to Neutral Kit
C-3826-DM ACTUATOR N/A Metering Air Shift Kit
C-3526-DM ACTUATOR N/A Non-Metering Air Shift Kit
APV-20-K-S1 SEAL KIT K-6121 Open Center Section Seal Kit, 4 pcs
APV-20-K-S3 SEAL KIT Standard Section Repair Seal Kit, Includes: 4 Assembly Seal+2 Spool Seals + 2 Spool Seal Backup Washers
APV-20-K-S4 SEAL KIT Standard Load Check Assembly Seals Includes: 3 O-Rings + 3 Backup Rings
APV-20-CK-6015 CLOSED CENTER K-20-C Closed Center Plug
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