Custom Consoles
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Let APSCO work with you to develop a control console that meets your needs and application. We will work closely with you to design a console that will bring savings to your operation and value to your customers. A minimum order of 15 pieces with annual usage 50+ units is needed to start the design process
Standard features include a Stainless Steel lid with laser etched custom verbiage and logo. Powder coated steel base with access panel. Common features include AV-Series or VM-Series mounted air control valves, electric rocker switches, push-pull air control valves, warning lights/buzzers and additional blank openings for optional electric rocker switches or air control valves.

USB Charging Ports

Fuse Panels

Various warning lights and buzzers options available

Backlit electric rocker switch options
Various rocker, button and toggle switch options

Lift axle controls, regulators & pressure gauges

Options to mount modular expansion consoles to satisfy future project requirements

Pre-plumbed air and electrical wiring harness
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