AV 195 Console Assembly
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AVC-195-8 (shown) or -13

AVC-195-TG-8 or -13 (shown)

AVC-195-TGMT-8 OR -13 (shown)

AV-195 Series Consoles:
Benefiting from years of dependable design and quality manufacturing processes, the AV-195 is designed to address the needs of vehicles that have an electric PTO and/or PTO controls already installed in the vehicle cab. Optional controls to operate the tarp system and tailgate latch cylinder are available on some models.
Standard Features Include:
Positive Detent lock in neutral position
• Metered hoist control capability in lowering position
• Push to connect fittings for 1/4” DOT tubing
Available Options:
• Spring to neutral hoist control handle
• Tailgate Latch cylinder control
• Tarp Switch opening
AVC-195 Console Assembly - NO PTO VALVE
APSCO Part Number Spring to<br>Neutral (DMH) Console Height 1/4" Tube (T) Tailgate Latch (TG) Tarp Switch<br>Opening (MT) High Pressure<br>Valve (HP) Support
AVC-195-8 8" <a href="http://www.apscopower.com/pdffiles/AVC-195-8A.pdf" target="_blank">Drawing</a>
AVC-195-13 13" <a href="http://www.apscopower.com/pdffiles/AVC-195-13A.pdf" target="_blank">Drawing</a>
AVC-195-T-8 8" Included <a href="http://www.apscopower.com/pdffiles/AVC-195-T-8A.pdf" target="_blank">Drawing</a>
AVC-195-T-13 13" Included <a href="http://www.apscopower.com/pdffiles/AVC-195-T-13A.pdf" target="_blank">Drawing</a>
AVC-195-TG-8 8" YES <a href="http://www.apscopower.com/pdffiles/AVC-195-TG-8A.pdf" target="_blank">Drawing</a>
AVC-195-TG-13 13" YES <a href="http://www.apscopower.com/pdffiles/AVC-195-TG-13A.pdf" target="_blank">Drawing</a>
AVC-195-TGMT-13 13" YES YES <a href="http://www.apscopower.com/pdffiles/AVC-195-TGMT-13A.pdf" target="_blank">Drawing</a>
AVC-195-HP-8 8" YES <a href="http://www.apscopower.com/pdffiles/AVC-195-HP-8A.pdf" target="_blank">Drawing</a>
AVC-195-HP-13 13" YES <a href="http://www.apscopower.com/pdffiles/AVC-195-HP-13A.pdf" target="_blank">Drawing</a>
AVC-195-DMH-8 YES 8"
AVC-195-DMH-13 YES 13"
AVC-195-DMHTG-13 YES 13" YES
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