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Excessive heat in your equipment’s hydraulic system reduces the efficiency of your system and the life of your hydraulic oil, resulting in lower power and higher operating costs. The ARC-30 space efficient solution provides superior heat rejection, lowering the overall cost of ownership of your equipment.
Hydraulic Reservoir, Filter,
and Cooling System
• Superior Heat Rejection – Excessive heat in your system reduces the efficiency of your system and the life of your hydraulic oil.

• Compact Design – More heat rejection per inch of frame space than alternative products. Requires less than 8” of frame space providing flexibility in mounting options

• Low Maintenance – Integrated system design keeps replaceable/service components to a minimum

• Easily Serviced – All items can be accessed without removing the unit from the equipment.
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Tailgate Lift/Latch Sequence Valves
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Lift Latch Sequence Valve
for End Dump Trailers
• Compact design, operates and sequences both tailgate latch and high lift cylinders.
• Can be operated electronically from the cab or manually at the valve.
• Simplified operation - Operate both lift and latch functions from a single operator input
• Consolidated design (2.5” x 2.5” x 6.8”) allows easy installation, less fittings, less plumbing, less labor
• Designed and Manufactured for the mobile
equipment market
• Manufactured in the USA - Patent Pending
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Air Toggle Valves
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3 Position
Detent / Neutral / Detent

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3 Position
Momentary / Neutral / Momentary

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3 Position
Momentary / Neutral / Detent

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2 Position
On / Off

APSCO’s high quality air toggle valves for a variety of applications
• Heavy Duty, robust stainless toggle
3 position valves:
• Includes push connect fittings for easy installation
• Space efficient porting
• Side porting options
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APSCO Inclinometer
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Intelligent electronic system for truck & trailer tip-over prevention
• MEMS single axis inclinometer continually measures left to right angle of the vehicle
• In-cab display screen provides driver with real time slope angle
• System is armed when PTO is engaged and alarms on out of range slope condition
• Output relay available to control buzzer, warning light, or hoist interrupt valve
• Adjustable trip point settings (pass-code protected)
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Data Recording
The system records all alarm events along with a time and date stamp.

In the event of an incident this data can be retrieved via USB
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